Your Playlist is Your Therapy

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato


5/9/20243 min read

The saying from Plato fits for me. Music is therapeutic to me it gives me a sense of stability amid the storm. Whether I am working in a chaotic environment or I am stuck in between a good tune can always change the mood in the room. Don't you agree?

I feel Music has some magical powers where it can help to lift the mood. Some nights all you need is good music and you can feel the tension get out of your system.

Every day has its moments where it can be tiring, effective, brings you calm or a whirlwind of things but each moment does bring things to you. Sometimes we recognize the moment and sometimes we don't and it's the unknown moments that bring us the unease that tricks our mind. The connecting unit of our system plays tricks where it deciphers each moment and analyzes each situation based on the circumstances around us. Amid all these cross-wiring things we get tired mentally and that's where music comes into the picture. It has a soul of its own, when played in the background things get to take their place and give a rest to the churning mind, isn't it?

In several research reports, it's been said that music not only helps the stressed mind but it also helps to build connection and communication. Sometimes we connect with people over music. The best example is concerts where thousands of us gather to listen to a band. Listening to similar music is also a way to connect to someone. I know I have and I believe you must have too. Sometimes it helps us to convey our feeling to one another. Sending each other the playlist in the hope of an understanding that they reciprocate in the same way and you get to blossom something beautiful. Music has its ways where it mends two hearts together.

The other day I was reading an article where a child who isn't good with speaking in public or isn't comfortable speaking at all but connects with rhythm and tune. The tunes and tones help one's mind to expand to an extent where they are ready to accept and explore. Sometimes we connect with the lyrics or the tone of it or sometimes it is just the voice that entices us to go on but it helps to decode the feeling in our head and always results in a relaxed mind.

Some may prefer something like Sufi, Rock, Jazz, Classical, EDM, or something remix but everyone enjoys it.

Music is not only an art form or a career or a hobby for someone but it is a major stress buster. It not helps you to relax but gives you so much more than that. Try to inculcate listening somethings every day not only it helps you loosen up but surely some part of you is rejuvenating itself. Let me give you my example, I've always been someone who listens to music with everything I do. I am doing a house chore I have a playlist for that, or I am doing an assignment you'll hear Frankie Ville in the background. music has always been around. But I realized it was always in the background never at the moment and a friend of mine made me realize that how light I would feel whenever I just listen to my playlist and sync with it and do it as a meditation. And trust me it changed everything, from that day onwards I tried to include my time of me singing alongside my playlist and made it my way of meditating. Not only it's soothing but I felt so alive and that's all doing of music. Try it your way. Time can be rough sometimes, Just Breathe and listen to your kinda music.

- Taheera Ahmed

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