The Women's Liberation Movement: A Wrong Turn

'Voicing Women' Part 1: Impure Women, Menstrual Cycles and Temples Part 2: The Exploitation of the Women Part 3: The Women's Liberation Movement: A Wrong Turn


5/11/20243 min read

The Women's Liberation Movement: A Wrong Turn

As it is said, the more you press a spring, the faster, and with more power, it bounces back. The woman and their feminine qualities have been suppressed for centuries. Women are half of humanity on this planet. If the woman has been respected in the past, she had got all the rights equal to men, then the world would not be in the mess as it is today. Half of humanity was not educated, was not dignified, and was under the slavery of the man. The opportunity to look at this world, the freedom of movement, the right to education were all prohibited to them. Maybe this is one of the reasons why so many Jesus, Gautam Buddha, or Socrates did not blossom from the woman's side. Have you ever wondered why Einstein was a male and not a female as the women were denied any possibility of growth? It is unfortunate as the sections of arts such as music, poetry, painting, and dance are mostly dominated by men, as the women didn’t see the light of freedom in their life.

Talking about this era, women are no longer behind the men. They have carved themselves so beautifully in all fields such as science and technology, arts and sports, business, and jobs. They mentor the house so gracefully and are equal contributors in their professional life. If I name some women, the list will be endless. The women have the power of education, training and have all opportunities to showcase their skills. The whole world is amazed by the performance of the women inside and outside the house. The women are far more capable of creating a house more beautiful than men, a clean house, good food, and everything in its place, an artist where everything is cherished by her mere presence. The women have experienced their potential and no longer consider themselves inferior to men. However, there is rising discontent among women against men. There exists an unconscious competition against men in the heart of women. They consider themselves as liberated and which I feel is absolutely right, but sometimes the freedom in the wrong direction is worse than slavery.

In the name of the women's liberation movement, they have started imitating men. They have started to showcase their reaction against men. This reaction is an outcome of the repression of them over the period of thousands of years. Women are now asking for equality with men. They are simply imitating men in a lot of things like smoking, drinking, and doing all the activities that men do. Their dress code is now almost similar to men. They are asking for equality and but personally I feel, the woman is more superior to men and by doing so they are wasting their time and energy. Men and women can not be equal, they are unique. They are not equal and neither are they unequal, but they are different. The man should be more masculine, whereas the woman should be more feminine. How can we see masculinity and femininity on the same page? The women should maintain their individuality and a different way of expressing themselves. When a woman tries to imitate men, the man feels more insecure by the competition he experiences, and in order to satisfy his ego, he will try all possible means to suppress the competition. A woman who imitates the man will always be another man, in fact, a second-grade man. She will never be equal to him but will remain a carbon copy. A woman should maintain her originality and try to explore her potential by accepting herself as a woman. The moment she accepts herself, she has opened herself to thousands of qualities like intelligence, love, and grace. A woman is more at her center than a man, has more patience, is more serene and more silent. These are the qualities the man does not possess and by imitating men the women never try to explore these hidden qualities in them.

To conclude this series of Voicing Women, the woman is a gift of nature to humanity. They have all rights to live their life in their own way, to act according to their nature. The emphasis is to give respect to all the women as the world belongs to both. The differences between man and woman are not fundamental to nature, as nature cannot discriminate between a man and a woman. The differences so ever exist gives them individuality and unique beauty. The man should maintain his masculinity and the woman should reach the peak of femininity. The man should understand the woman does not fit into the society created according to the reasons and logic, they have their independent world which is built based on heart. This world is full of emotions, sentiments, and moods. They think by their heart and heart are directly connected to your innermost being. First, the man must come to his heart to reach his innermost being.

In a world, where both man and woman have an equal stand, the liberation of the woman is man’s liberation and her slavery is his slavery.

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- Dr. Dhananjay Patel