The Art of Minimalism – Understanding the law of energy (Part 2 )

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5/11/20243 min read

The art of minimalism presents you with a brighter side of life, where you become aware of the fact that everything in this world is nothing but energy. Yes, everything which you can feel, smell, touch, taste, and see is all energy. Your thoughts are also energy and that’s why whatever you think with full positivity, the universe conspires to make it happen. All the materialistic things, your possession, your own body, your mind, and your consciousness is all energy. The more you accumulate things whether physical or mental, the more you are having possession of energy. If this energy is not free-flowing, then it becomes a Granthi which means cancer. It starts contaminating and becomes very negative. The law of energy states that the energy should be free-flowing.

Imagine a person who keeps eating all day for a long time and doesn’t exercise, what will happen? The weight will increase, and he may become obese. With obesity, he welcomes a lot of diseases in his body and mind which everyone is familiar with. This happens because the energy acquired by eating a lot of food over a long time did not get utilized or did not become free-flowing. If an individual does exercise, then the energy is consumed and there will be no storage of it inside the body. The body will maintain good health and be free from diseases. This is the law of energy that should always be free-flowing. If money is considered as energy, then it multiplies only when it is invested in the proper place, otherwise, accumulation of wealth only makes a person greedier. Now consider a situation, where you eat your favorite junk food or ice cream, it makes you feel happy till the moment you are having it, but later it leaves you with a sense of dissatisfaction that you have consumed a lot of unnecessary calories. This kind of stuff gives a temporary feeling of satiation but cannot satisfy you. The conscious mind knows that it is not good for your body, your temple, and thus cultivates a guilt feeling making you depressed or stressed out.

The same thing happens when you constantly buy things, which you feel that you may need in the future. We walk through the supermarket stores and buy unnecessary stuff which just occupies a lot of space in the home and is not utilized over a long period of time. You soon realize this and again you enter the state of depression and frustration, the same as when you stuff your body with the food you don’t need. This is all because of the unwanted accumulation of materialistic things or food, which is nothing but energy being stored and not utilized. In old times, people used to hoard things due to scarcity of resources, but after the industrial revolution, there was a huge growth in manufacturing sectors satisfying the needs of the current generations. However, the habit of hoarding things was cultivated by the advertising companies, who employed an intelligent technique of neuromarketing. These Ad companies play with our subconscious mind in such a way that it makes us feel that we are lacking something in life. They make us feel vulnerable about ourselves and only if we buy their stuff, our void will be filled. E.g.: if you don’t buy healthy drinks, your child’s height and brain will not develop. If you buy this deodorant, then all the girls in the town will be attracted to you. Being fair is the birthright of every female and dark complexion. Females must buy our product to become fair and be beautiful, what beauty has to do with skin color? And so on.

If you adopt the art of minimalism and try living like a minimalist, you free yourself from impulse buying. You will no longer be a slave to any advertising company trying to manipulate your mind and thus gives you full control over your buying habits. The media is constantly brainwashing us by sending messages that we need more to improve our standard of living. You will have to upgrade your phone, car, buy branded clothes and a new house. This information is bombarded on adults as well as children constantly all the time, that we start believing it. If you become a minimalist, you will realize that you don’t need this stuff. If you try to declutter your home, you will realize that out of every ten items you possess, there are hardly two items being used and the rest is just a pile of unwanted stuff getting rot in your house. The atmosphere of the home becomes cancerous and so is your thought process. Once you start getting rid of these kinds of stuff, the energy will become more flowing, more divine, it will rejuvenate you. The vibration of the home will change, and a pleasant atmosphere will be spread.

- Dr. Dhananjay Patel

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