If World Knows No Rules

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5/11/20244 min read

Imagine if the world knows no rules, there are no protocols to follow, how life would be? Imagine a world where every human being is independent, has no set of timetables to follow. Imagine the world without borders, world without religions or caste, the world without inequality, the world without color or gender discrimination, the world without hatred, the world without war and fear, the world without false ambitions trying to satisfy the personal ego, just imagine. Can you imagine a world just described here? I feel it’s not hard to do so. However, many of you will disagree with this and may have your own perception. With due respect to all the beliefs and convictions adopted across the world, keep the logical mind aside to understand the next few lines.

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We are the most powerful and intellectual beings on this planet. No other animal other than humans has evolved so far. The world has reached the height in the advancement of technology and is scaling new peaks daily. But, have we ever tried to figure out from our daily routine to know what life is all about? What is the difference in the lifestyles of humans, animals, and birds? Do we have the maximum experience of each moment passing by? Are we at the peak of our consciousness? The majority of the humans staying on this planet are just passing their lifetime and not leaving their lives to the fullest. This is because of the different rules and regulations laid down on human beings for the past thousands of years. Every human has to follow the rules of the nation to which he belongs, then comes the religion he follows, and then there are separate rules for individual families. We can reach infinite and we have bonded ourselves to the stupid rules and regulations laid down to us. From birth, we are conditioned to follow the rules, we are taught what is right and what is wrong. The seeds of discrimination are been sowed in the human mind from the time when the child is not even aware of his/her gender. Just look around and observe how miserable the humans have become due to this kind of conditioning. We are not trusting the intelligence of a person and we laid down so many rules for him to follow. He may not even be a perfect fit for those rules. All humans have different characteristics and yet the rules for all are the same. How can we shadow all in the same umbrella, let there be the sun which gives them the hope of freedom? It's impossible to cap all of us under the same roof.

The child has been taught about hell and heaven, about sin and the good deeds. The parents are always in the race to educate their children to make them better human beings and in that process, they are just creating mediocre robots programmed by the society whose goals and ambitions are predefined. Life is a continuous and spontaneous process, but still, we have ambitions and dreams to make it defined in a particular way. We have an endless capacity but by deciding the goals and targets, we limit ourselves to reach the infinite. The planet was created as a single piece of land and we have divided it into different countries. The animals and birds know no borders and we are still prohibited to enter some other piece of land without prior permission. Every country has different rules for its citizens, while the humans across the globe are the same. After the division of land, comes dividing the humans based on religion. Religion dictates the rules and humans have to follow them unconsciously. If the consciousness is achieved, then the person will distance himself from nationality and religion and treat the whole world as one. If there are no borders or religions, there will be no reasons for the army being deployed, there will be no reason to kill or die for. The world will be more at peace as there is be no discrimination in the young minds. Humans will treat all humans the way they treat themselves. The world where humans are here to live life and not to possess or conquer a piece of land. There won’t be any seeds of hunger or greed cultivated in the minds as everyone will be aware that they are here for a specific time and will have to leave all behind once they depart. Just imagine the world where all the resources are shared equally, every human, animal, plant, and bird have the equal rights to flourish on this beautiful planet.

You may think that I am just dreaming, but I feel many of you reading this article will have the same dream as mine. I hope humanity realizes this fact and will create a world that knows no rules. May peace prevail on this planet for eternity. Let humans be human.

- Dr. Dhananjay Patel

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