Born Naked : Do Humans Need Clothes?


5/16/20244 min read

Do you think the Existence is stupid? The Existence has crafted the entire universe to perfection. The cosmos, planets, nature, birds, animals, plants and humans are created at its best. The Existence is so smart and so well defined that it has its calculation of all the parameters required to drive itself. Anything which has got no value or no use will be automatically deleted or withdrawn from the Existence and whosoever exits here has its worth. The Existence has created all its beautiful beings naked. The plants, animals, birds and humans are all born naked and it showcases the beauty of its own in a unique way.

Have you seen any animal or bird wearing clothes? They look very beautiful without it. It is difficult for us to even imagine them having an outfit. They have no understanding or even any need to flaunt their branded clothes or shoes or accessories – the symbols of human vanity. If you see an animal whether wild or domestic, it radiates grace, we can actually see how beautiful the Existence has created them. They are their very best and need no artificial props to support their appearances.

On the other side, the humans created by the same Existence, try to cover up themselves with whatever they can. Humans are born naked like other beings but have evolved themselves. No other being except man has been using clothes, though there was an era a long time ago, where man felt no need for it. The Existence has made us naked because nakedness is natural to us unlike the clothes which are unnatural. In the beginning, mankind existed in the jungle and hunting was the profession, where there was no rich nor poor. The societies were not formed and there was no discrimination. Man was simply man not even classified as he or she. But soon cultivation became an occupation and money was invented. Humans craved for possession of land and women. The land and women were treated as their private property and women were first asked to put on clothes which was naturally followed by men.

The drawback of clothes was that it made our bodies weak to the cold winter, hot summer and the heavy pouring rains. We have lost our natural resistance to these climatic conditions whereas the animals still can resist it naturally. The clothes are just another mask on humans. It has created discrimination among humans since ages and are one of the main reasons why the humans have always deviated from their natural self. The attitude of a person is driven by clothes he/she is wearing. A policeman in a civil dress and in uniform will showcase a different attitude . . . Why? It is as if the clothes worn on the outside decides who you are inside, as there is no one present inside. You don’t know your real self. A woman wearing a burqa is always seen as a symbol of inquisitiveness for the prying eyes of men trying to wonder what is hidden inside. In contrast, a woman in a tight fit dress flaunting her curves becomes an object of lecherous attention. Clothes have always created a tension and curiosity among men to know what’s beyond, arousing his prurient interests from slumber.

Clothes are much needed now as we have grown so accustomed to it that it has become impossible for us to imagine life without it. When we face different climatic conditions, we have to adhere to clothes but when we are at home at the room temperature, we don’t need them. Clothes should be used only when it is necessary. Slowly the human body will acquire strength and try to adjust itself to the climatic conditions. On one hand, clothes were meant to protect us, but alas they have done far more damage in taking away our natural beauty from us. Humans feel insecure about their bodies and self without clothes. They acquire their confidence from a piece of fabric - what they are wearing on the outside - rather than trying to know themselves and acquiring the confidence from within.

The sad fact is that society judges people based on their appearances. Man finds it difficult to accept his body the way it is. An impression has been created that, ‘Clothes make a man’ - not the body he possesses. The moral values of the person are decided by the clothes he wears. It is important for us to understand that clothes are utilitarian but do not signify the morality of a person. In fact, clothes create a false personality of a person. They act as a mask. The clothes decides whether the person is beautiful or ugly, whether he would be respected or criticized. A doctor is being respected by the apron he wears and without that he has no identity. Man is more ‘clothes’ than ‘mind’. If a man is asked to wear a female dress, will he be ok to wear it on the streets? There will be resistance and unacceptance by that person. The clothes are nor male and nor female yet they are psychologically identified as male or female. What is the understanding developed by us that clothes have gender and not a piece of fabric which covers our body? Being naked, you can be completely at ease without any tension. The naked one does not have anything to hide nor does he have anything to showcase. Naked is always natural as created by the Existence. We have to accept clothes naturally and it is only possible if the humans accept nudity naturally. If a being does not accept nudity naturally, he will not be able to accept clothes naturally and the clothes will acquire values and standards that decide your morality. We are born naked and we should be naked behind our clothes. We have to accept ourselves the way we are. As I always say - We are the greatest creation of the Existence and when requirement here fades away, we will be deleted. We have to accept the society in clothes but cannot judge anyone by appearances. Clothes should not be the driving factor to boost your confidence - your consciousness about yourself should be the centre.

I am not against wearing clothes, but clothes should not be the means of your identity. Just reflect about it for a moment . . .

- Dr. Dhananjay Patel