Are You Seeking God or Is God Seeking You?

What a title, you may feel, why would god seek us, it always the thirsty person must seek the well, the well does not come to the person to quench his thirst. A beautiful story follows this saying: Once upon a time, a disciple of Gautam Buddha asked him a question: “Oh my lord, you have attained the enlightenment, you have reached the peak of your consciousness, you are the god or Paramatma, then why don’t you shower your blessing on the entire humanity to achieve their enlightenment. Why don’t you make all of them God or Paramatma? Why don’t you raise their consciousness?”


5/11/20243 min read

To this Buddha instructed him to visit a nearby village and ask the people what they want in their life? The disciple followed the instructions of his lord and he went to the village and asked every person he met about what they wanted in their lives? What were their wishes? He came back and told Buddha that all of them wanted money, land, luxurious cars, jewellery, education, promotion, etc. However, none of them wished to become God or Paramatma, to get enlightened, to reach the max of their consciousness. No man had ever wished this. All they wanted was the materialistic pleasures of life and that is all they could have imagined. To this Buddha explained, “The people don't want to become enlightened, they are not interested in becoming God or Paramatma, then how could I make them one?

If you ask a yogi, where is god? To this, he will answer that God is everywhere. There is no place in this universe where God is not present. Then why are we not able to see him or seek him. Why can't we feel his presence around us? The above story answers this question. It is because we don’t want to seek God. We are too busy to want him. Our greed to acquire materialistic things is so high, that we are not interested in the one above all this. This greed has blind us and we don’t see the light coming on to us. The world is totally in a miserable state today due to the ignorance of mankind to the energy which is driving the universe. The God or Paramatma is very eager to reveal itself, to show itself but we are not interested to see him. We are visiting various religious houses such as temples, churches, and mosques to seek him, but we are not able to find him. We all have our desires and wishes when we go to such places to seek him and thus this desire blinds us from really seeing him. All we can see is just the idols in front of us. Then where is god or Paramatma, or who is he?

The Paramatma is everywhere. You can see him only if you really want to. You can feel his presence in the ray of the sun touching your naked skin. He is present in the small bud just grown in a plant. You can experience him in the wind that just gives you a refreshing feeling in the scorching heat. You can feel his presence in the food you love. You can feel him within yourself and outside yourself everywhere. He will be found in all the colors of the flower and its fragrance. He sometimes reveals itself in the form of a rainbow or in the form of a dewdrop which has just happened after a beautiful morning rain shower. You can see him in the eyes of a yogi, an animal, or also in the eyes of a devil if you really want to see him. If you pay attention to your breath, then you will realize that the Paramatma is flowing in and out of you in the form of oxygen and carbon dioxide. He is also present in the huge rocks of the mountains, the waves of the ocean, the currents of the river, and in the pebbles in the lake. You might experience him in the feather of the bird withdrawn from the wings and floating in the air, defying the laws of gravity. You can find him in your consciousness where he is always present. You can find him in all the living and nonliving things around you. You can find him in all the types of bacteria, viruses attacking the humans and you can find him also in the patients suffering from it and the doctors protecting them. He is a bit of the universe and the whole universe itself. He is present in an electron and is the entire energy of this universe. He exists in good and bad, right and wrong, truth and false. He is also present in this materialistic world and can be experienced when we are detached from it.

You don’t have to visit any place to see him or experience him, he is too anxious to reveal himself. We just have to raise the level of our sensitivity or consciousness to experience him. May you now ask Buddha to raise your consciousness and you also try to seek him the way he is seeking you.

- Dr. Dhananjay Patel

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