Part (2) The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz


11/7/20235 min read

The First Agreement – Be impeccable (in accordance with highest standards – faultless- that is not against yourself) with your word

Your word is the power-that comes directly from God. It is through word, everything, your thoughts, intent, desire, dream is manifested - it’s your creative power. It is not just a sound- it’s the power to create, to build – its “The magical tool”. It’s through words you cast black magic of hatred and resentment on others and it is through words you can cast the white magic of love, care and forgiveness to the world. One word can change or destroy the life of millions. The human mind is a fertile ground and each word is like a planted seed. Too often, because of fear based agreements it is more fertile for fear-based seeds. Its important to choose the right seeds-right words for our fertile mind. Every human is a magician with the wand of his words. Someone tells you that you are stupid or ugly, you agree to it make false agreement with that and this changes your course of life until someone else tells you that you are genius or beautiful then you no longer feel stupid or ugly and make new agreements with yourself. A whole spell is broken with the power of words.

The darkest type of black magic is Gossip. Misery likes company – No one likes to stay in hell alone so they bring company through gossip. It's like that computer virus that is written with the same language but with bad intent and malfunctions the brain. The black magicians or computer hackers are even worse who spread the virus intentionally. People in order to seek revenge gossip and make the person feel bad about them. One just spreads the emotional poison and that will bring no good to you only.

Being impeccable (not being against you) means you take responsibility of your actions, but you do not blame or judge yourself. You use the energy of the word in the direction of truth and love for yourself. If you say someone stupid, resentful words in anger, you transfer the emotional poison to other, the word is actually working against you as the other person is going to hate you and this is not good for you. The agreement “Being impeccable with your words” – cleans all the emotional poison that exists within you. All old bad spells can be broken with this new agreement with yourself and it will bring love to all your relationships. Impeccability also provides immunity from anyone putting a negative spell on you. Your mind will no longer remain fertile for fear-based agreements. Your impeccability can be measured by your degree of Self-Love. You will be happy, content and always at peace. So, start using this white magic and transform the world –

The new seed “I am impeccable with my word.” is sown in my fertile mind today to grow and I make an agreement to nurture it each day.

The Second Agreement: Don’t take anything Personally

Taking things personally, is the maximum expression of selfishness because we assume that everything is about “Me”. We think or rather are taught to think that we are responsible for everything, even other people's actions or behavior. However, nothing other people do is because of you, it's because of themselves, their false beliefs, fear-based agreements in their own dream stories. You are not just in accordance with that and it is not your problem. When we take things personally, we assume that the other person knows our world and we try to impose our opinion (which is again based on our false beliefs) and prove them wrong because we have learnt to debate and prove our point of view right all the time. Just be immune to their emotional poison. Taking things personally will make you drink their emotional poison and then you accompany them to their hell. Believe in your agreements and yourself. The same person will one day praise and flatter you and then say bad words to you. Its all based on their opinion, their beliefs and agreements. It has nothing to do with you. If someone tells you something, that hurts you. It's because they scratched your wound. You yourself had the same false belief or the poison in you. Everyone has a mind movie in which they are the director, producer and lead actor or actress, so whatever they act or do, it’s a part of their dream movie. People get mad at you because they are afraid. They are dealing with their own fears. If someone is not treating you well, it’s a gift that they walk away or you walk away from that person, as it will hurt for a while but eventually your heart will heal. You will find that you don’t need to trust others as much as you need to on yourself to make the right choices. So, if you stop taking things personally, and become a transmutator who transforms everything to love, there is nothing in this world that can scare you or make you feel in pain, suffer i.e., you will be in heaven immune to all black magicians in the hell around you. Just believe in your agreements and trust yourself. No one’s opinion – praise or criticism should be taken personally.

The new seed “I will not take anybody's opinion, action or behavior towards me personally.” is sown in my fertile mind today to grow and I make an agreement to nurture it each day.

The Third Agreement: Don’t make Assumptions

We make assumptions and then believe that they are true. We swear on them and force others to believe it. Whenever, we assume, we invite problems, we misunderstand and create a big drama. All sadness is rooted in false assumptions. Find your courageous voice to ask clear questions rather than making assumptions to avoid suffering. Make our beliefs on truth and facts rather on assumption. Human brain dreams and creates chaos – fantasy lands on assumptions and when the assumption’s dream bubble is burst by truth, we feel sad and in pain. It is very important in relationships to have clear communication. Ask as many questions as you want to be clear and make decisions based on facts rather than self-made assumptions. We make assumptions based on our belief as it helps us to feel safe, happy and serves our purpose. However, it's far from the truth. Don’t make assumptions on self also, ask questions to yourself and find answers based on facts. You assume that you can change someone out of love which is not true. The other person changes if he or she wants to not because of your love. Clear communication will help you become impeccable with your words. So, don’t make assumptions – This sounds easy but takes huge efforts to harness the reign of this chaotic brain and stop making assumptions. By repetition of this agreement, one can make it their nature and then you can live a life based on truth without suffering. Everyone has the right to ask questions and say a No or Yes whatever they wish to. So, accept the truth of others with love and respect and stop making assumptions.

The new seed “I will not make any assumption, rather ask clear questions and acknowledge other person’s truth with love and respect.” is sown in my fertile mind today to grow and I make an agreement to nurture it each day.

- Dr. Nikita Mundhara